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Therapist Washington

A Note from John

I became a therapist because I believe in the importance of mental health support. I offer online therapy in the state of Washington for anyone and everyone who might need extra support. 

Some of the best times of life include conversation. Some of the worst times of life include conversation. In the best and worst times of life, I have found conversation a solace, a big help, and good company.

In some of the worst times of life, I find conversation a pain, a difficulty, and extraordinary effort. My conversations with therapists have offered relief in my own journey.

Bring what you want, your words of your life.

I will listen I will offer back something of what I hear And we can do this together.

You may feel as much or more than before. And at least part of the time You will love it.

  • LMHCA: MC61076547 in Washington State 

Remote Sessions

Sessions are available through phone or video sessions. I am happy to work either way depending on your preference.

Services Provided

Individual Therapy

This is a space for you to come back home to yourself. A space for you to discover and rediscover who you are. In the chaos of life we can lose touch with ourselves. Here is a space for you to be heard, however you need that to be.

couples Therapy

These are crucial conversations. When disagreements and fights occur we are faced with sometimes overwhelming conflict. In conflict there is much to learn about ourselves and our partners. In that learning and exploring we may find deeper connection than before.

Family Therapy

Families are the people who see our best and our worsts. In families we can be the most seen and the least seen. By exploring each perspective and pains we can begin to gain understanding. This is a space to rebalance, to create new habits, to explore and renew.