John Stoltzfus

Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate

Walk paths of conversation with me.

We will make some kind of map together.

We may, as author/poet David Whyte says, “…drink from the deep well of things as they are.”

John is a gentle and intuitive spirit. He not only has the professional training but his own experience in stepping into his own growth and reflection as a lifestyle. It’s his own personal journey that makes him such a qualified therapist. He his full of compassion and understanding and extends that to everyone he meets. John has an amazing way of asking meaningful questions and simply guiding a conversation for reflection, healing, and understanding. When talking with him, you are sure to find support.

Professional Credentials

Licenses & Certifications

John is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate.

  • LMCA: MC61076547


John is 8 of 8 siblings in his family of origin. Listening and talking were daily and necessary on a family dairy farm for 20 years. Since that time talking and listening have been an ongoing privilege and discipline for him.

Educational Background

John received his training and degree from Mars Hill Graduate School now called The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology.