Online Therapy

Getting online therapy support from the comfort of your own space

How We Can Help

Word Life Matters offers multiple different options for online therapy including individual therapy, couples therapy, and family therapy. Therapy can meet a number of different needs from depression to support to helpful communication techniques. Therapy is for everyone.

Individual Therapy

Everyone needs support. Word Life Matters offers individual therapy online to give you a space safe to process, heal, and grow.

Couples Therapy

Relationships are the most important and oftentimes most challenging aspect of life. Couples online therapy offers a safe space to nature and grow your relationships.

Family Therapy

Family relationships are complex and oftentimes difficult to navigate. Online therapy offers a safe space to help bring your family closer together.
  • LMCA: MC61076547 in Washington StateĀ 

Our Specialties


Depression is not random. It is an embodiment of our experience. If we explore these deep places we may find some understanding. We may find healing.


As frustrating as our anxiety is, it is our teacher. What makes us anxious is a doorway into our past experiences. Our anxious feeling can be a map of what you are afraid of and what you long for. When we use that map we may gain an understanding of why our anxiety might be showing up.


To experience grief is to have loved. Grief like the ocean, can drown us. Life without grief is a life without love. Your grief and your love deserve to be seen, to be felt. When we choose to turn towards grief we choose to turn towards our life.


Traumatic experiences can completely change how we live and breath in the world. What feels crippling can find hope.


Abuse should never happen. Not to you, not to anyone. Here, you share only what you want to share. What's haunting us, asks for our attention. This attention is a courageous act.


Loss can bring up a multitude of emotions. Anger, sadness, numbness, and confusion. Here we provide a place that accepts whatever feeling may come up for you. They are all welcome.